The Winery

F13In 1994 I moved the winery to a property in Scansano and in 1998 I was able to begin making the necessary agricultural improvements which concluded with replanting the vineyards and extension of the new cellars. The planting density was increased to 4,200-5,000 plants per hectare since the land was so suitable; we use the vertical trellis training system, in accordance with Tuscan tradition, and the simple Guyot pruning method. Our vineyards have all wooden posts, and all treatments are only in relation to weather conditions and according to the European Community rules of the law 788, our production may be considered biological.

Because I wanted the grapes to ripen naturally, I decided not to use any irrigation method, not even for “emergencies”. The microclimate is influenced by the proximity to the sea, making the temperatures milder, and the mountains, which give a little rain in summer – so the grapes ripen early and the harvest begins in early September – it is strictly manual, to preserve the integrity of the fruit until it reaches the cellars.

F10Sangiovese is our main grape variety (80%) in the new vineyards, and in order to make the most of the quality we selected 4 different clones. The other main varieties are grenache, which has always been grown here, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, which together account for 10%. The rootstock for all the vineyards is 1103 pause or SO4.
For the sake of excitement (or as our more serious colleagues might say, experimentation) I have planted lesser known varieties in a nearby property, Poggio Maestrino: syrah, petit verdot, mouvèdre and zinfandel, better known here as primitivo.
The location and structure of our newly-extended winery will make it an important reference point for the town of Scansano and the “new” Maremma winemaking tradition.

All the fermentation procedures are carried out at controlled temperatures in order to obtain the best possible extraction of polyphenolic substances. All the rooms are kept at a constant temperature and humidity level to allow the wines to age in the best possible conditions in the barrel cellars and in the other areas, where they are kept both in stainless steel and in bottles ready for shipment. Bottling is carried out exclusively by our own personnel using a sophisticated sterile system which guarantees maximum hygiene. To save energy we have installed a photovoltaic system.