Spineto Sangiovese

The Spineto Sangiovese – Maremma Toscana

Designation of origin

Historicals notes

The Sangiovese is “The Queen” of the Tuscan grapes and from them comes the most famous wines as the Chianti Classico, The Brunello, the Nobile di Montepulciano where tha Sangovese is called “Prugnolo Gentile” . Also the Morellino di Scansano has Sangovese for at least 85% as the most Tuscan appellations,
The Sangiovese it’s a generous grape, well tolerates bad weather and been harvest as one of the latest grapes.

Wine Making

Grapes : 100% Sangiovese
Grapes are hand picked and fermented and macerated over the skins for 10 or more days on thermo controlled temparatures of 26° C. with frequent pumping over the cap for the best possible extraction of polyphenolic substances.
Wine is agrd in stainless steel tanks for about 12 months to better mantain it’s characteristics and usually bottled one year after the harvest.

Organoleptic analysis

COLOUR: Clear bright ruby red, with violet reflexes zRosso rubino limpido e brillante. AROMA: heady, slightly fruity, with hints of black cherries and violet.
FLAVOUR: dry , tangy lightly tannic with good balanced body and lingering aromas. AGEING: ready to drink, but can improve if aged for another 4-5 years .

Serving with food

Wine fotr the hole meal, with home made pasta’s and pici (thick home made spaghetti made only with flour, water and salt) , white or red meats not add with much sauce and cheeps or goat fresh cheeses.
Report of 2019 Harvest : 13,5% by vol. 30,5 dry extracts , 5.2 of acidity.