Spineto Ciliegiolo

Indicazione Geografica Tipica – Toscana

Historical notes

Ciligiolo it’s a traditional Maremma grape cultivate since centuries inside.land and with new clones and tecnical aids now also grow closer to the Tyrrenean see.
Ciliegiolo needs a lot of care during growing and fermentation, it’s the first grape to be harvest with the Merlot. The Ciliegiolo was fomally blendet with Sangiovese to give the wine a more brillant red colour and reduce a bit the sangiovese tannic taste.

Wine Making

Grapes : 100% Ciliegiolo
Harvest starts the first week of September, grapes are hand picked in small baskets and place in a thermo controlled room for 18 hours at 45° F. and then be fermented at 75° for 10 days to improve the best possible exteraction of anthocyanin and polyphenolic substances.
Usually the malolactic fermentation follows the alcoholic one.
Wine is stored in stainless tanks and bottled next spring.

Organoleptic test

COLOUR : intense brillant ruby.
AROMA: remarkable notes of fresh berries and fruits in general.
FLAVOUR: soft and dry, pleasant and easy to dink without feeling his 14° by Volume and a generous body.
AGEING: to express at his best the pecular characteritics the Ciliegiolo need to be dink young no longer than three years after the harvest.

Serving with food

Delicious on sommer with fresh goat cheese, BBQ meat and vegetables, better if chilled at 60° 2019
Vintage data : 14% by vol. 32,1 dry extracts 5.3 acidity