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Dear Friend, we would like to devote this space to messages we receive which we believe have a general interest for others, the page for letters to the editor in a newspaper. Just as we like to know how much you enjoy our wines, we also welcome your criticism.
In order for the majority to understand, we ask you to write in Italian or English: in the German edition the page will be entirely in English.
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Below is an e-mail sent to Mr Carlo Merolli (Terra Verde) by his client Joachim Carlsen:

“Dear Carlo,
A few days ago I was talking to a colleague who belongs to a wine club, which for many years has organised meetings to taste wines from various countries or regions without knowing their name or price.
The participants also elect the best wine. That evening the best Tuscan red wines were to be tasted, from the 13-20 euro price range.
One of the members was unable to go so I was invited to take his place. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it either, but during the conversation I mentioned that for the occasion I had a great wine priced at 16 euros which was bound to win. They took me at my word! I couldn’t get out of it and to say a sad goodbye to one of my bottles of Ciabatta 2000. My colleague joked about the label but we agreed that in the end, the contents are what counts.
The next day my colleague came into the office with his head bowed, and admitted that my Ciabatta beat the other 8 wines tasted hands down!
All the participants ordered 6 bottles, and I have asked for the Carato and Poggio Maestrino Anno IV (which I have already enjoyed) to be tasted at the next meeting”.

Joachim Carlsen
[email protected]