La Maremma in Cucina

I have known that triangle of the Maremma between Saturnia, Monetmerano and Poderi di Montemerano for several years, mainly thanks to some of the people mentioned in this book.
But I am much more familiar with cookery books, especially more recent ones, which I must admit I usually found boring and almost unreadable. But sometimes you come across an exception that makes you realise perhaps all is not lost, and that there are still people out there who know how to talk about food in an intelligent and approachable way.
The reference to this book “Maremma cucina” is all too obvious.

It is more like a story, a series of novellas whose protagonists are real people from the various towns, and the recipes from local regional cuisine.

It may have no pretensions to become a best seller, or have huge editors behind it: in the end it is just a book to read, fluent and enjoyable, like few others of its kind.

And it is really true that flicking through this book the aromas of the dishes and the wines and the faces of the people reach the reader, with the rustic liveliness of the Maremma.
Daniele Cernilli

Download the typical recipes from Maremma in PDF format